Buying a boat

So buying a boat has always been on your bucket list. Whether you’ve spotted your dream boat on our website or on the Mersenne Yachts social media pages or you’re still on the look-out and eager to find your perfect boat match, congratulations, you’re in the right place – you’re one step closer to calling yourself a boat owner.

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As motor boat specialists, Mersenne Yachts team’s extensive knowledge of sports cruisers, flybridge motor yachts and superyachts together with their expert knowledge of buying and selling boats of various price brackets as well as their own collection of world renowned boat brands we exclusively represent, and their access to a global network of international boat owners, they’ll definitely make buying your first boat a pleasure.

New vs. Old

For most, buying a boat might just be the second biggest investment they’ll ever make, so rather than taking the plunge and buying a brand new boat some consider buying a used boat as a safer step, just because it makes their risk more calculated and gives them the opportunity to make sure that boating is really the lifestyle they love. In the majority of instances, clients who buy a used boat start looking to buy a brand new boat or a bigger boat after just a Summer or two.

Others fall in love with their new ‘used’ boat and end up getting quite attached to what they’ll always look back on as their very first boat. Of course, the Mersenne Yachts team will make sure you are given all the assistance you need so prospective boat owners should request a meeting with the Sales Team as soon as they start considering making this investment. Here are just a couple of factors you’ll discuss in your preliminary meeting with your appointed sales consultant.

Step 1: What’s your type?

Your first step is to determine the type of boat that will fit your lifestyle and that is based on how you plan to use the boat.
There are three main boating activities: cruising, fishing, and watersports so think about how you’d like to spend time on your boat.

Step 2: Size Matters

The size of the boat is an important consideration. The bigger the boat the more features it usually has, including cabins, galleys, amongst others. The downside is that bigger boats have more systems to understand and operate and of course, they also cost more, both to buy, insure and to operate. Think about if you’ll be entertaining family and friends on your boat, if you plan to spend holidays on your boat or just some random days, if you’d be interested in chartering your boat when you’re not using it or if you’ll merely use your boat for a couple of weeks during the Summer months.

Step 3: Choose your preferred model

Once you’ve decided on the type and size of the boat you’re after, the next step is to narrow your search down to a few boats you want to actually see in person and take for a test drive. The Mersenne Yachts team makes this step a breeze! We’ll suggest some of our latest additions and you can even come up with your first list of prospective boats from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is visit the website and explore a vast range of Used Boats for sales both locally and all over the globe then get in touch with the Mersenne Yachts Crew and they’ll organize a viewing day.

Step 4: Making your decision

Some new boat owners don’t necessarily always know what to look out for when buying their first boat especially when it comes to the technical side of boat buying, so working with a renowned brokerage such as Mersenne Yachts is highly recommended. Your assigned specialist will secure the best market price and assist in the drafting of a Sales and Purchase Agreement to ensure that the terms of your offer are correctly reflected in the formal documents. If you’re buying a boat for your own use in the Maltese islands we will also make sure you benefit from the Maltese leasing structure launched by the Maltese Government via the ‘Guidelines regarding the VAT treatment of Yacht leasing’ This EU recognised scheme, makes the vessel ‘EU VAT paid’ and free to navigate EU waters with no restrictions whatsoever. There are further benefits to be availed of through this scheme and new boat owners will be guided throughout.

Why we’re the specialists for you

At Mersenne Yachts, our goal is to match the ideal yacht to each individual owner. With hundreds of successful transactions behind us, our specialists offer the best experience, industry knowledge and an extensive network of brokers, individual boat owners, shipyards and designers. Due to our global network we are also present motor boats not officially for sale so you’ll have the first opportunity to purchase before it’s even on the market.

The Mersenne Yachts team strives to deliver an exceptional level of personal service guiding clients seamlessly throughout the whole purchasing process. From expert financial, legal, tax or asset-management advice to colourful stories of clients’ testimonials, adventures and purchases – you’ll love our five star service designed exclusively for boat enthusiasts all over the globe

Boat enthusiasts who are thinking of buying a new or used cruiser, motor yacht or super yacht are invited to call Mersenne Yachts Sales Team on 00356 21230 980, 00356 99302095 or email for more details and to organize their first consultation.

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