Draco Boats

Mersenne Yachts Ltd part of the Mersenne Group which operates Laguna Marina at Valletta Waterfront are also the sole distributors for Draco Boats in Italy, Malta and North Africa and have given clients from these areas the opportunity to purchase Draco boats as well as custom design boats turning their boat dreams to reality.

In the beginning of 2014, Windy Boats presented Draco 27 RS during the world’s largest indoor boat show “boot Düsseldorf” in Germany. The iconic Norwegian Draco boats had not been produced since 2002 and this boat show will be remembered as the relaunch of an iconic brand. Just weeks after, following the success of Mersenne Yachts representation of Windy, the leading distributors based in the Maltese islands were confirmed the sole distributors for Draco Boats in Malta, Italy and North Africa. 2014 was a great year for Draco especially when it was announced that the Draco 27 RS was nominated as ‘European Power Boat of the Year 2015’ confirming that the Draco brand was yet again back in the game.


Draco was founded by Kaare Drangsholt from Flekkefjord in a Norwegian garage in the late sixties. Drangsholt followed his vision, and in fierce competition with other manufacturers developed Draco to become what was considered to be Europe’s largest motor boat manufacturer of the seventies. Kaåre was an enthusiastic sailor in his youth, but later developed an interest for motorboats. He saw possibilities, and with his equally ambitious wife Vibeke, he followed his vision. In fierce competition with other manufacturers, they developed Draco Boats with the ultimate aim of giving the market something different, an exclusive boat with attitude and style – an iconic brand they dreamt would conquer. With designer Jan Herman Linge as part of their team, the Sportling was launched and became the first commercial success. The Sportling made it possible to grow fast and develop new models for new markets and the Draco steadily positioned itself as a leading player all through the eighties. Kaare’s passion for the brand was undeniable. His adventurous spirit and creativity continue to inspire, long after his tragic death in 1983 where he was found drowned by one of his favorite Draco boats, in Kristiansand, at just 42 years of age.

Following Kaare’s tragic death, Draco experienced an understandable turmoil. In 1992, the boat manufacturer went bankrupt although many of the original boats remained in use. After the bankruptcy the prestigious Windy Boats took over part of the production and Draco’s original designs were produced both under the Draco and the Windy brand name. In May 2014, Draco 27 RS went into production. Renowned Dubois Naval Architects in Hampshire, England, was responsible for the design of the new series which included three models. The new Draco range is made for a new generation. The design is entirely new, the spirit, as the slogan states remains the same. Draco continues to invest in strong marketing campaigns targeting young boat enthusiasts and giving them the opportunity to custom design their boat colour and truly reviving Kaare’s passion for his brand.

Mersenne have invested in a dedicated warranty team trained directly by Draco to ensure the best possible after sales care and continues to strengthen Draco’s market presence in the countries it represents. The team give new owners a full technical handover of the operations of each and every Draco model and also provide training to ensure that new Draco boat owners are confident and are aware of all the unique features and equipment.

Where and how to purchase a draco boat?

Boat enthusiasts who are eager to purchase a Draco Boat have the opportunity to visit Laguna Marina at the Valletta Waterfront and view a wide range of brand new as well as second hand Draco boats. Prospective buyers are invited to call Mersenne Yachts Sales Team on 00356 21230 980, 00356 99302095 or email for more details.