All Used Boats In Spain

Used Boats in Spain

For centuries boating has been considered to be a luxury activity for the Spanish mainly due to the fact that over the years boats have been subjected to high taxes. However this is strictly applicable to Spaniards, therefore those who are non-tax residents in Spain can easily avoid this tax making used boats for sale in Spain quite an attraction for the international market. For this reason, Spain has developed into a hub for boat buyers all over the globe attracting boat enthusiasts to not only invest in second hand boats but also visit some of the most prestigious Spanish ports renowned for their modern infrastructure and world-class services.

Some of the most prominent marinas include the Marina Port Vell in Barcelona, Puerto Deportivo Ibiza Nueva in Ibiza, Puerto Jose Banus in Marbella, Marina Port de Mallorca, Puerto Deportivo de Las Palmas in Gran Canaria to mention a few.

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