Boat Maintenance

Mersenne Yachts established in the heart of the Mediterranean, the Maltese islands, has developed into a hub for boating enthusiasts from all over the globe. The reputable company gives clients a five star deluxe personalised service and offers a wide range of services including berthing opportunities at Malta’s unique and exclusive Laguna Marina at the Valletta Waterfront, brokerage services, maintenance, marine financing advisory, insurance, transportation, crew training, and an array of services, truly positioning the company as a one stop shop for boat owners.

Maintenance and Repairs in the Maltese islands

Over the past years, Malta has become increasingly popular as a servicing hub and has become particularly established as an attractive base for the servicing and repairs of motor boats, sailing boats and superyachts. Malta’s shipyards have completing complex projects on short deadlines and to the highest standards at the most competitive prices, while the island’s notable success is also due to the experienced local and international engineers together with naval architects and dedicated project management teams now based in the Maltese islands.

Malta’s Maritime history

The Maltese islands owe much of their maritime history to their strategic location (situated in the centre of the Mediterranean), the natural harbours and the islands’ extensive range of maritime services including excellent yachting berthing, repair and servicing facilities.

Malta’s technological society was given birth around the ship building, repair and servicing industry. The shipyards in Malta began in 1500 and during the years turned into the finest in the Mediterranean. When the British inherited the Order’s shipyard the British Royal Navy immediately laid plans to expand these facilities and in 1844 the first dock was build. The Drydocks were then opened in 1848 and plans were drawn up to build similar works to cope with the increased volume of naval repairs. In 1892 the Hamilton Dock was completed and in 1899 works commenced on two more dry docks which were supported by extensive harbourside workshops and refit facilities.

A small boatyard was launched on Manoel Island while during the First World War the Dock Yard employed 10,000 people. By 1880 the Grand Harbour was already firmly established as the chief coaling station for vessels plying between Britain, Indian and the East.

Unquestionably Malta’s rich maritime history has made the islands’ one of the Mediterranean’s most advanced, modern and highly demanded locations for maintenance and repairs.

Some of the most reputable shipyards in the Maltese islands include:

Malta Shipyards, seven dry-docks are equipped with shore services and dockside cranes and can accommodate vessels up to 300,000dwt. Afloat repairs are carried out on the 2km of wharves available. The yards have a strong reputation synonymous with quality, reliability, delivery and satisfied customers.

Palumbo Malta Super Yachts, founded in 1967, owns leading ship repair and conversion ship yards in Naples, Messina and the Maltese islands and has become a leading superyacht maintenance, repair and refit centre serving the largest and most demanding superyacht fleets in the Mediterranean. The area of more than 45,000square metres includes a 160metre long graving dock a covered 140 metres graving dock and more than 400metres of quay for alongside afloat repairs.

Manoel Island Yacht Yard, Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Manoel Island Yacht Yard Ltd specialises in the refit and repair of yachts up to 50m and 500t.

Cassar Ship Repair is renowned for their engineering afloat services where their team of qualified personnel, supported by the experience of the Works Manager, is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The repairs afloat vary from mechanical breakdowns, electrical maintenance and repairs, plate renewal, ultra sonic testing and any painting job required. The Company offers also the services of riding team to execute and finish repairs.

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