How we sell your boat

Your first step

When possible we’d prefer meeting you and understanding why you’re considering putting your boat on the market and at what price. Thanks to the registration form on the Mersenne Yachts website, following your submission we will get in touch with you in less than 48hours and invite you for a meeting. Selling a boat is personal so we like knowing our clients and making sure we achieve the results you’re after. Our team will give you a no obligation evaluation of your boat and make sure that you are comfortable with our suggested price.

Pricing is crucial

Our no obligation evaluation will help you confirm your boat sales price. Undoubtedly pricing is an essential factor – our competent and qualified team will make sure that you your boat is priced correctly factoring in your boat’s condition and how quickly you’d like to confirm a sale. While we will make sure that your boat is not undervalued, overpriced boats remain on the market endlessly – our recommended price is a knowledgeable one sellers trust. Each and every boat has a unique strategy in place which gives boat sellers the peace of mind and confidence knowing that you’ve made the right choice.

First impressions work like a charm

Our energetic and expert team will help you make your boat more attractive to prospective boat buyers –making sure that you boat is clean, uncluttered and in shipshape condition – we might even suggest some props such as wine glasses, colourful plates, plain cushions and other small accessories to make sure we’re setting the right ambience to really make your boat more attractive. Positive first impressions are a great way to start. Your personal items on a boat may mean a lot to you but they only make your boat look smaller. We’ll suggest that you empty all hanging lockers, drawers and cabinets – trust us psychology plays an important part and if you take our advice you’ll be confirming your boat sale quicker than you think.

Marketing your boat to the right crowd

We’ll make sure we have a collection of photos of your boat – our marketing team will design a campaign specifically for your boat, write a detailed description of your boat including information such as when it was purchased, special features, mention additional features installed and make sure that prospective boat owners locally and all over the globe know your boat is now on the market. Online adverts, boat shows, open days; communication with our network of boat enthusiasts, prospective buyers and brokers as well as traditional marketing will be planned specifically for your boat. A solid marketing campaign will get the exposure required to get leads our team can confidentially convert into sales – We’ll work hard to secure your sale and guide you throughout.

And there’s more…

We may suggest a marine survey to uncover potential issues or suggest maintenance services as while some used boats are sold in perfect condition there are cases when we may suggest that certain surface damage is fixed as this can determine an even better selling price. We can even offer berthing options for individuals who would like to sell their boat immediately or who might be leaving the country immediately. The Mersenne Yachts team will keep you up-to-date with all viewings and offers and take care of your boat sale from beginning to end.

Meeting prospective buyers

Thanks to our effective marketing campaign, prospective buyers will get in touch with our team to organize a viewing. We’ll keep you up to date with all leads but rest assured you can leave it to our team to welcome prospective boat owners – we’ll handle all questions, avoid time wasters and respond to all phone calls and emails.

Negotiating and confirming the sale

The Mersenne Yachts Sales Manager handles all negotiations personally, makes sure you are given all offers for your consideration and will get the best possible price for your boat and close the deal. The team will handle all paperwork and before you know it you’ll be celebrating the sale of your new boat. We’re confident that as soon as you start considering buying your next boat you’ll get in touch with the Mersenne Yachts team and you’ll recommend us to your family and friends.

Selling boats is an art and not anyone can do it – some might try and convince you that placing a couple of ads and taking some quick snapshots will get your desired price but trust us it takes a very special, professional and knowledgeable team to ensure that the process is flawless and that your boat is sold at the right price.

If you’re considering selling your boat, really we’re the crew for you.

Most boat owners can expect to sell their boat in under two months by following our pricing guide lines, however it cannot be guaranteed.