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mersenneyachts-logoAs an aspiring super yacht owner, you may have spent some time chartering, or enjoyed some quality time with friends on their yachts or you might even have your own motor boat. For the majority of boat enthusiasts, owning a super yacht is considered to be the ultimate – it’s really what most boat owners’ dream of.

What is considered to be a Super Yacht

First, let’s get the world’s biggest Super Yacht out of the way. At 590feet long, the Azzam is 57 feet longer than Abramovich’s might eclipse, previously the largest yacht on the waves. The hulking superyacht is significantly longer than a football field! With many more billionaires around the world eager to inscribe their names into the history books, it is anyone’s guess quite how long the Azzam will remain at the top. For the majority of boat enthusiasts this is really beyond absolutely anything we can ever dream of purchasing but this doesn’t mean we can’t call ourselves Super Yacht owners too! You see, there is no industry-wide standard for the difference between motor yachts, superyachts, and mega yachts. However, it has been generally accepted by naval architects and industry executives that superyachts range from 120 ft up to 200 ft (60m+), and mega yachts are over 200 ft (60m+).

No matter the size, motor yachts, super yachts and mega yachts are considered to be nautical marvels of efficiency, functionality and beauty.

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Are you ready to buy a Super Yacht?

Purchasing a super yacht can be an exciting and rewarding process. Super Yachts offer adventure, comfort, privacy and security and the good news is that there’s never been a better time to buy one. Undeniably purchasing a Super Yacht is a substantial investment and new owners should be realistic as to how much they are prepared to invest. A good rule of thumb is that you should expect to spend 10% of your vessel’s value each year in running costs, most of the time it’s common to start with a modest vessel, and progress to something larger every few years. Should you require financial assistance several banks are now happy to finance the purchase of both new and existing vessels. Other considerations include, the mooring of your super yacht, registration, crew and a long list of discussions you really should have with a true team of professionals.

With all these things to consider you really need the comfort of knowing that you’re in good hands and have the necessary guidance and continuous advice to make the right choice – the Mersenne Yachts Specialists are the crew for you.

Why we’re the specialists for you

At Mersenne Yachts, our goal is to match the ideal yacht to each individual owner. Our analysis process includes everything from in-depth conversations to guided tours of available yachts at boat shows. Our process has been carefully designed whether you are a long time yacht owner looking for a Super Yacht, a first-time buyer learning the basics of the industry or even if you’re looking to sell your Super Yacht. With hundreds of successful transactions behind us, our specialists offer the best experience, industry knowledge and an extensive network of brokers, individual boat owners, shipyards and designers.

And that’s not all. Due to our global network we are able to present yachts not officially for sale so you’ll have the first opportunity to purchase before it’s even on the market. Your assigned specialist will secure the best market price and assist in the drafting of a Sales and Purchase Agreement to ensure that the terms of your offer are correctly reflected in the formal documents.

The Mersenne Yachts team strive to deliver an exceptional level of personal service guiding clients seamlessly throughout the whole purchasing process. From expert financial, legal, tax or asset-management advice to colourful stories of clients’ testimonials, adventures and purchases – you’ll love our five star service designed exclusively for boat enthusiasts all over the globe.

Need more convincing?

With today’s levels of comfort and communication, superyachts are being used not just for relaxation but as mobile offices, too. Think about it. Where is a better place to make key decisions? Owners are also investing in yachts as a platform for entertaining business clients and rewarding top employees. These reasons continue to justify your investment.

Your next step

Boat enthusiasts who are thinking of buying or selling a motor yacht, super yacht or mega yacht are invited to call Mersenne Yachts Sales Team on 00356 21230 980, 00356 99302095 or email for more details and to organize their first consultation.

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Buying a superyacht is the start of an incomparable adventure and the Mersenne Yachts team will make sure you make the right investment.