Boat Training

You’re either a new proud boat owner or you’ve started your search and have entrusted the Mersenne Yachts sales team to find your perfect boat. One thing’s for sure – you can’t wait to take your new boat out for a blissful afternoon – and you’re eager to be an independent mariner! The Mersenne Yachts Sales team will not only find a brand new or second hand boat that matches your budget and lifestyle, but will also give you the assistance you need to make sure you know all about ICC and RYA training and certifications you need to be able to be the captain of your own boat.

The ICC (International Certificate of Competence)

An International Certificate of Competence may be issued to anyone who has successfully completed certain national boating licenses or has successfully passed an examination to prove the necessary competence for pleasure craft operation. The ICC is a useful document to carry and will generally be accepted where proof of competence is required. The ICC allows the mariner to voyage internationally where the country the holder is visiting has chosen to accept it and subject to any prescriptions made by the visited country

RYA Qualifications

RYA Qualifications are renowned and respected worldwide and guarantee that the highest standards are maintenance be it licenses for either a recreational or professional boater. You may opt to achieve a RYA certification for a number of different instances including courses for motor cruising, sailing, powerboating, personal watercrafts amongst other specialized training.

The Mersenne Yachts team together with selected local and international esteemed professional training partners will give you all the information you need regarding nautical licenses required including what it entails to:

  • get a nautical license or an instructor nautical license
  • register your boat under the Small Ships Register
  • get a reprint of a lost license
  • get a full understanding of the syllabus required to be able to achieve a nautical license
  • confirm the license you require based on your travel itinerary
  • select or design a training programme based on timeframes convenient for you

Here are some popular FAQs.

What is the duration of the course?

There are courses scheduled every quarter for complete beginners who have no experience leading to the ICC certificate (ICC certificate of competence) delivered on either full days, weekly or periodically scheduling over a three month timespan. Other courses leading to Offshore Racing Licence, Coastal Skipper, Day Skipper as well as Offshore Prep which is designed for individuals who would like to skipper their yacht on extended offshore passages are also offered.

How many students per class?

A maximum of 10 students are accepted for each class guaranteeing practical hands on experience and individual attention. Prospective students may also opt to register for individual classes which can be scheduled at their convenience.

Are there any age restrictions?

Unless otherwise specified most insurance policies cover adequately experience and licenced drives over 25 years. It may be possible to cover younger mariners depending on the type of the boat and experience and qualifications of the applicant therefore enrolment for any courses is not age restricted.

What theoretical and practical syllabus is covered?

Theory classes include an overview of types of crafts, engines and drives, siting of fuel tanks, batteries, wiring, fire extinguishers as well as:

  • Close down procedure
  • Uses and limitations of GPS
  • Application of local regulations and interaction with commercial ships
  • Routine engine maintenance checks
  • Sources of weather information
  • Awareness of other water users
  • Communication with other crafts
  • Emergency actions
  • Towing and being towed
  • Basic First Aid at sea
  • Rope work
  • Fire precautions
  • Distress signals and the Mayday call.

Practical hands on classes will cover the following:

  • Basic coastal navigation
  • Launching and recovery
  • Boat handling
  • Securing to a Buoy
  • Anchoring
  • Leaving and coming alongside
  • Man overboard
Is the ICC required in all European countries?

In very general terms an ICC is required for the inland waterways of Europe and for inland and coastal waters of Mediterranean countries. For the coastal waters of Northern Europe the ICC is generally not required.

Interested to enrol for one of the Mersenne Yachts training programmes or need more information? Call the Mersenne Sales Team on 00356 21230 980, 00356 99302095 or email for more details.