Windy Boats

Windy boats – details and Information

Mersenne Yachts Ltd part of the Mersenne Group which operates Laguna Marina at Valletta Waterfront are also the sole distributors for Windy Boats in Italy, Malta and North Africa and have given clients from these areas the opportunity to purchase Windy boats as well as custom design boats turning their boat dreams to reality.

About the manufacturer

Windy is an award winning Northern European premium brand of maritime craftsmanship and the renowned manufacturers of the world popular Windy 31 Zonda voted ‘European Power Boat of the Year – 2013’ and the Windy 29 Coho nominated for the ‘European Power Boat of the Year 2014’ and specialised in the 25-58 foot range. At the end of 2014, Windy proudly confirmed that the Windy 39 Camira and Windy 29 Coho made it to the final for MBY Motor Boat Award 2015 – yet another admired and impressive awards event. Since their release, both the Windy 39 Camira and W29 Coho have been acclaimed by boat journalists all around Europe for their unique characteristics and looks, so this well-deserved award nomination was no surprise and once again confirms Windy as a brand leader.

History about Windy boats

Windy was established in 1966 by Hugo Vold. His father was a fisherman, and his family experienced many fearful moments as storms raged in the Skagerrak Channel. Hugo’s passion for the sea was undeniable and his dream was to continue his father’s legacy and to share his love for boats with the world. All of his father’s boats were called ‘Vindy’ and when Hugo became a boat builder he wanted his vessels to be known for their seaworthiness and high quality. He called his boats ‘Windy’ in honour of his father’s trusty fishing boats.

Windy boats today

Today, Windy boats are built at the modern and well equipped production facilities in Västervik at the east coast of Sweden and in Ostroda, Poland and are renowned for the fine woodwork, design style, engineering excellence, exclusive textiles used as well as the modern technology involved in the construction materials and the control and propulsion systems – all important distinguishing features which position Windy as respected boat manufacturers. In fact, pride in craftsmanship is something that has been handed down through centuries of Norwegian boat building and today the Windy team continue to honour traditions and celebrate their long maritime history and proficient craftsmanship yet at the same time conduct market research, work with top designers and architects and naval architects in the world and dictates the world’s boating trends. Windy participates in some of the world’s most prestigious boat shows including Dusseldorf Boat Show, Cannes Yachting Festival amongst other popular events. During Mersenne Yachts’ exclusive representation of Windy, the team have sold a record amount of boats in the Maltese islands and other countries they are present in. Mersenne Yachts also prides itself for its pristine aftersales and warranty service and continues to build long lasting relationships with Windy enthusiasts in Malta, Italy and North Africa. Mersenne have invested in a dedicated warranty team trained directly by Windy to ensure the best possible after sales care and continues to strengthen Windy’s market presence in the countries it represents. The team give new owners a full technical handover of the operations of each and every Windy model and also provide training to ensure that new Windy boat owners are confident and are aware of all the unique features and equipment.

Take a look at the boat while in Malta

Boat enthusiasts who are eager to purchase a Windy Boat have the opportunity to visit Laguna Marina at the Valletta Waterfront and view a wide range of brand new as well as second hand Windy boats including the popular Karma, Zonda 31, Chinook, Xanthos, the Dubois SR 52 Blackbird amongst other popular models. Prospective buyers are invited to call Mersenne Yachts Sales Team on 00356 21230 980, 00356 99302095 or email for more details. Mersenne Yachts, exclusive distributors of Windy Boats in Italy, Malta and North Africa.